Has anyone ever told you you look like Johnny Depp?

I dunno if lotsa gay guys like Johnny Depp, but I’m sure lotsa girls do. So, if one came up to me and told me this line, I’d be flattered.

Of course — being a guy* — you’d have to come up with something witty and pleasant for an answer. It’s no good if you’re scoring on looks at first, only to be ditched for behaving like an arse later.

So how ’bout these for possible answers:

  • Yes, but until now I wasn’t equally impressed. (=safe bet)
  • No, sorry, and my name is Brad Pitt. (=yeah right)
  • Johnny Depp at daytime, Ron Jeremy during the night… (= cocky)

Don’t be too much of a wisecrack though. Even JD should shut up every once in a while.

* if you are a girl and people are saying this to you, go home and get a makeover.

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  1. rabii Says:

    good side

  2. yuri Says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t be impressed. Since when is Johnny Depp the king of looks?

    However, if girls do like him, at least I’d note that the girl likes me. Nothing more.

  3. Franklyn Bolk Says:

    Johnny Depp. I have been a follower since late 80’s he has come a long way I am only a year and half behind him in age I THINK he’s most talent and sexiest man alive

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