It’s late. You’ll do.

NEVER ever use this line unless you’re a rock star or if you’re really desperate and you’re chatting up to the mingiest of mingers. Will it work? Well, given those circumstances it might, but really…. this is not the way to success.

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  1. earlpearl Says:

    For that line to work, both you and she have to be drunker than drunk!!!!!

  2. Yasmin Says:

    What is wrong with you guys? That’s two lads that have said don’t use this. Me and my best friend are both girls and would be very impressed with this line (providing you were saying it in a confident but funny way).

  3. ChatUp Says:

    Umm Hi Yasmin.
    In order for this line to work, I would expect the lad to…
    – EITHER be a close friend of you in the first place
    – OR be a major stud and entertainer.

    In the latter case – we ‘d like you to share a picture of the Adonis-in-question 🙂

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