I’m a photographer — can I take your pic?

You’re gonna need a camera for this. A big, black one, with a sticky-out lens and a serious “click”. Chances are the object or your desire is gonna be flattered enough to consent to having some pics taken. Smiling all the time, lovely!

Of course it doesn’t end here. Unless your sole aim is to fill the walls of your basement with snapshots of the girl/guy you’re stalking, you’re gonna have to build on this theme some more. Subtle compliments are good. An invitation for a photoshoot-in-da-buff is not.

Play it cool. Be the artsy amateur, rather than the cocky pro. Just don’t pretend to be a photo model agent if you are not. You’ll never be able to keep it up. But do feel free to show off your photo collection at home….

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  1. Yura Says:

    Of all the approaches, this seems to be the most natural. However, I’d expect all the other rules to apply: if you are not a good match, it won’t get you far.

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