Me Tarzan, you Jane

One can’t help being reminded of early Tarzan movies by this famous line. Tarzan’s struggle to build proper sentences must have won at least 90% of Jane’s heart. The little loin cloth did the rest, although I wouldn’t recommend wearing one of those on your first date.

Like any good pick-up artist and yodeller, Tarzan was both impressive and shy. However, the most famous Tarzan of all, Johnny Weissmuller, was not only a very good swimmer and pretty boy, but a very witty man indeed.

Actually, if you search an old Tarzan video for the line “Me Tarzan, you Jane”, you won’t even find it. It was in fact never in the original script. Instead, Weissmuller came up with this little joke when he helped lift the leading lady’s heavy suitcase into a car, and literally used it as a… pick-up line 🙂

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