How to get a girlfriend if you’re a N3RD

This video says it all really. Mostly non-verbal stuff — but hey, that’s important too.

PS: don’t forget the breathmint, and try to focus on her face during conversation.

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  1. juan inda Says:

    what happen if you really wan to meet a nerd, that mean nerd is worse ??
    let me try this if you are using one computer, so that mena youar nerd , female and male , yes buddy , teh nerds using computer, so how can i say i bad thing to meet nerd? well i am trying to learn how fix my hard d dirve and i really like to meet real nerd, to fix it, i need to know becuse i think i have the same capability, if you are some of them female or male let me know please juan inda

  2. How To Get A Girl To Kiss You Youtube Says:

    […] ask her opinion about any product in front of you. A super easy way to strike up a conversation. Even if you have a washer and dryer at home you can take advantage of the Laundromat’s large machines to do […]

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