Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

As a chat-up line, this one is pretty direct. It sounds really fancy because of the language, but most people with a decent high school education will just slap you in the face. Maybe you can get away with it if you sing it. Please report back if singing actually works* (fingers crossed).

All that said: it’s French so it sounds sexy even if it is not the best line to use on someone. Practise on the accent.

* it may actually have worked for Patti Labelle, Christina Aguilera and Pink (who — for the record — have all performed the song “Lady Marmalade” which is famous for this particular chat-up line).

What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?

This line has been uttered numerous times by people in films and in music. Frank Zappa used to love it and he used it in several of his songs. It’s best not used if you’re in a fancy place, or the girl you’re chatting up to might think she’s not good enough to be there.

Instead, save this line for girls you meet in grubby bars and dingy clubs. That is: unless they obviously have a very good reason to hang out in places like that. For example, watch out for girls with peg legs and net stockings, or with a glass eye and 1″ lashes.

Also, it’s not a good sign if they are sitting alone at the bar of their regular pub for more than two hours straight. Observe first, strike later.

I love you for your mind.

According to this comics artist, the line above should be attributed to some zombie. Ok.

Other than that, even the rock band Queen has sung about this pick-up line, cheekily adding to it like so:

I love you for your mind,
Baby gimme your body


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