Won’t you come into the garden…?

followed by
…I would like my roses to see you.

Apparently, this is a quote from Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s little black book of pick-up lines. Or so Stephen Fry hinted in this week’s episode of QI. Sheridan was a famous Irish playwright (although that doesn’t automatically class this line as a “foreign classic”) and a hopeless romantic.

Obviously this line is a bit dated. However, with some creativity, it can perhaps be moulded into something usable in modern dating. So keep it in the back of your head and let it simmer. It might come in handy when chatting up to other hopeless romantics.

Variation suggestions are welcome by the way…..

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  1. Apple Says:

    Won’t you come into the garden…?

    …. you are the sunshine we are missing

  2. ChatUp Says:

    Awww. Still very romantic 🙂

    Would you fall for that tho?

  3. Apple Says:

    Everytime, *sigh*

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