If you were a burger, I’d call you a McBeautiful

This was one of the pickup lines from a series collected by Graham Norton in his own show. People in the audience shared their favourite lines with him. Of course, the guy who suggested this one said he had never actually used it…

Which is just as well because Graham called it horrible, and suggested it was on par with saying a man had just suffered a premature McFlurry. Which is also not a particularly nice phrase to use.

All in all: best to skip the burger theme. If you must compare a person to a bit of food, try a bonbon or maybe some fruit.

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  1. Burgermeister Says:

    Well, I would certainly fall for that one. In fact, if an average looking woman said to me “I am a burger, I need some of your sauce” I would be right in there.

  2. Burgermeister Says:

    in fact, when it comes to burger chat up lines, the cheesier the better.

    I’ll shut up now.

  3. ChatUp Says:

    Hehe Jon, I wholeheartedly agree with that

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